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How to Spring Clean Your Carpets in Ester

Spring is a great season because of the warmer weather and longer days. However, many may not look forward to one important part of the season: spring cleaning. If you're dreading cleaning your home, remember that it has to get done at some point. As you...
Keeping your carpeting clean not only has to do with your home's aesthetics; on the contrary, having a dirty carpet can affect your health as well. For that reason, it's important that you vacuum your flooring in an effective way to make it as clean and sanitary as you can. For a few tips on the...

Make Dust History With the Future

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. If this revolving scenario reminds you a little too much of your chores, then Cleanpro Fairbanks, Alaska has an interesting solution to everyday vacuuming.

Feeling Like You're Constantly Vacuuming

Let's start with the problem -...

Protect Your Carpet From Recurring Stains

If you have just spent the weekend cleaning your carpets, then the last thing that you want is more dirt and mess.  In this post, Cleanpro Fairbanks, Alaska has some ideas on knowing your habits, and preparing your carpet for them.



How to Keep Your Rugs Clean Between Cleanings

There is no doubt that a professional and thorough cleaning is the best way to bring your carpets back to their original condition. In this post, Cleanpro Fairbanks, Alaska has some tips to share to keep your rugs looking...

Keep Your Pets and Get Rid of the Fur

We love our pets, and we will suffer through sneezing and allergies to keep them. It doesn't have to be so ruff. With some regular clean up, you can keep pet hair to a minimum in your home.


Remove pet hair from upholstery and fabric with dampened...

Keep Pet Stains From Reccuring By Re-Training Your Pet

Accidents happen. Every pet owner knows this to be all too true, but repeat offenders may need some help. Learn what to do after your pet's accidental pet stain is gone.

Find the Scene of the Crime

If the spot has tried, it may be difficult...

Avoid Getting Dirt on Your Carpets

Getting a bit of dirt in your home is inevitable, but too much dirt can cause some unfortunate issues. Removing dirt from hard surfaces is easy enough, but when it comes to carpeting, it can be a bit tougher. It is important that you act quickly to clean it up...

Easily Remove Vomit From Your Carpet

While it's never a nice thought, there are going to be times where you will need to clean vomit from your carpet. So get some old gloves, put a peg on your nose, and let Fairbanks Cleanpro show you how to deal with it.

What you will need to remove vomit:

Commercial air fresheners use potent chemicals to mask the odors in your home or coat your nasal passage to weaken your ability to smell. Instead of masking, there are many natural, non-toxic ways you can absorb the odors in your home to actually make it fresher. Here are some ideas to keep your...

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