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It's gross to think about but there are microorganism creeping in your carpets as you read this. They co-exist with you, and though most of the time they pose no trouble, they can become a potential hazard to your and your family’s health.

To help you identify and then eliminate these unwanted visitors, the Cleanpro Fairbanks Professionals made a list with what could be living in your carpet!

Living Things in Your Carpet


There’s bacteria in everything: it can’t be escaped. Still, carpets can house bacteria and allow it to grow and expand on your home, some of which can be potentially damaging to your health.


Some types of virus can live a long time without a host. Which means that your family could be getting sick from breathing in a room with an unclean carpeting.


Fleas, ticks, among other tiny bugs could be crawling in your floors. What’s even worse, their feces, larvae and eggs are in there too! It’s nauseating so try hard not to think about it too much!


You know, the parasites that suck blood! Turns out, they don’t just stay put in beds, they’re also present in your carpet!


This is a fungus that looks and smells awful. It reproduces in humid conditions for which a carpet is perfect. Unfortunately, when mold is present in large quantities, it causes respiratory issues.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are very common. Still, they’re disgusting: they eat organic waste which includes dead skin. Moreover, their presence and excretions can cause allergic reactions.

Get them Out!

The best way to keep these out of your carpet, and your life, is to clean constantly! Make sure you’re vacuuming on a regular basis and in every direction to lift up any of these potentially dangerous organisms.

To be extra sure that your carpet will be free from these beings, you should get a professional deep clean done! If you’re currently looking for carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, Cleanpro can be just what you need. Call (907) 388-7768 to make your home safe again!

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