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When it comes to your home, your luxurious carpet may be one of your favorite accessories. But what do you do if someone in your home suffers from allergies and you are afraid your carpet may be the culprit? First, you should know, that based on a 15 year Swedish study, carpets are not responsible for allergies and asthma, however the lack of cleaning said carpets, can certainly trigger certain breathing issues. The key then, is to be aware of what allergens may lie in your carpet, and become aware of how to fight them. Today, Cleanpro in Fairbanks would like to assist you with just that. 

Dust Mites are the main cause of allergies related to carpet. They’re microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked human eye. Although it’s actually the feces of the dust mites that causes the allergy, their presence needs to be eliminated in order to eliminate the problem. To rid your home of dust mites you should do the following: 
  • Ensure that your home stays dry. Dust mites, along with many other pests, are attracted to humid environments
  • Know that dry vacuuming will not pick up dust mites-remember that heat and steam is going to do the best job killing dust mites, therefore investing regularly in a professional cleaning is a great idea

In order to eliminate the less severe allergens that may make their way into your carpet, such as pet hair, dust, and dander, be sure to do the following: 
  • It almost goes without saying that you should vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. This is going to eliminate a major portion of those allergens which cause you so much distress
  • You can also help to eliminate the spread of dust to your carpets by ensuring you are also dusting wooden surfaces in the home on a regular basis
  • Avoid using window fans in your home, as they are likely to bring in dust and dirt from outside of the home-which will eventually settle on the carpet

For more carpet cleaning tips, check out our blog and find other helpful information like how to remove soot from your carpets. When it is time for a professional carpet cleaning, you can trust Cleanpro to get the job done. For carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, be sure to call (907) 388-7768. Remember, don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets.

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