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As you may already know, buying a carpet is a big decision! You want it to last you a lifetime, and know that it will fit your needs perfectly. With all the overwhelming options out there, you may feel a bit confused about what to pick.

If you need a bit of guidance, the Cleanpro Fairbanks Professionals will give you some clues! Here, we’ll explain the different elements to think about before making a final, logical decision for your home’s flooring. Hopefully, this will help you narrow down your choices so you can get the best carpet to dress up your floors!

What to Weigh In!

Your Lifestyle

First of all, you need to consider your lifestyle! Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Do you enjoy cleaning or not so much? All this needs to go into your carpet-buying process. Remember that function needs to come first! And, on that note:

Your Needs

What do you need your carpet for? Your carpet buying decisions will change according to what function you want it to fulfill. For example, if you live in Fairbank, you know it gets cold, so you need a thicker carpet to keep your house warm.

Your Style

You want a carpet that will compliment your style! Here you need to decide about color (that goes with your furniture, wall colors, ornaments, etc.), and between a solid or a pattern. So make sure you pick a carpet that satisfies your needs but that also you appeals to you visually.  

Your House

Your house also has a say in this! For example, be careful not to pick a dark color for your carpet when you don’t have big windows or not much light coming into a room. This makes the room seem like a smaller space. Think about how the decisions for your carpet will go with your house!


Thinking about material is really important when buying a carpet. Fiber (wool, polyester, nylon, etc.), the texture, cut, padding, and their durability, are all tied up to how you live, how you want your floor to be, and how much commitment you’ll put into it. Check out the options and decide on what’ll work for you.

Your Financial Situation

Of course, money is a big factor when it comes to deciding on a carpet. Yes, a carpet is a lifetime commitment and investment. Still, balance it out between quality and cost so you don’t break the bank. Make sure that you have a warranty in case anything goes wrong with your new flooring.


Some carpets are more difficult than others! Ask about the maintenance and consider how it will fit in your life!

Carpets can make or break your decor, lifestyle, and bank! Make sure you choose wisely and give it a lot of thought. After all, this is a decision that will (hopefully), live with you for several years, so don’t overlook it. You can even ask for help from a professional so you know what the options are and what will work better for you.

Remember that carpets need to be cleaned regularly and deep cleaned at least twice a year. And, when the times come, call the experts of carpet cleaning in Fairbanks: Cleanpro Fairbanks Professionals! We use a technique that doesn’t need water and that won’t harm your family or the environment. Contact us at 907-388-7768 to book your carpet cleaning in Fairbanks!

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