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Like many other things in your home, your carpet requires constant cares to provide you with the unique comfort and style you want.  Apart from regular vacuuming, there are many small details that can make a huge difference, and one of them is keeping your shoes off your carpet. 

That’s why, at Cleanpro in Fairbanks, we would like to share with you some reasons to keep your shoes off your carpet.

Main Reasons

You know how much effort requires to clean a carpet, so why would you bring home all the germs your soles collected from the streets. Plus it’s very possible that you also bring pesticides, petrol and other substances that can be a serious health threat. 


Ok, so no shoes, but what to wear instead? Going barefoot isn’t really an option, remember that your skin is constantly producing oil which can transfer to your carpet, which will attract dust and grime. Instead, try to wear slippers or socks - it’s recommended to have a rack by the entrance of your home to leave your shoes.  

Your Boundaries

Remember; your house, your rules. However, your no shoe policy can have some consequences and make your guests and relatives feel uncomfortable - those socks with a hole or certain odors can make anyone nervous. Make sure to warn everyone about your rules and have a pair of slippers ready for them. 

These simple ideas will not only extend your carpet’s life, but it will also keep those unwanted germs outside. Also, be sure to read these ideas to keep your carpet clean during the fall season

If you are currently looking for carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, think about CLEANPRO. Our system was designed to use very little moisture to deliver you amazing results, so forget about having your carpet wet for days! 

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