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Let’s get real: carpets are high-maintenance. So much so that, even though we do all we can to keep them clean and vibrant, they still need a professional deep clean every once in a while.

In this post, Cleanpro Fairbank Professionals will give you a few clear signs that it’s high-time for your carpet to get an expert job done!

How to Know if a Carpet Needs a Professional Clean


With time, usage, sun exposure, and other things, the flooring may start looking dull, and losing its color! If you see a clear sign of discoloration, you need to get experts to help out.

Dust Buildup

We vacuum, and vacuum again to get dust and other filth from our carpet. Still, there are dust particles that build up all the way in the depths of your floor making it extra hard to clean.

Mold Presence

Mold has the nasty habit of hiding and growing on unreachable places, like the padding in your carpet! If you start to smell or see moldy spots in it, it’s time to do a deep clean.

The Stank

Carpets tend to absorb the scents and odors present in the air. Unfortunately, not all of them are pleasant! If after trying a couple of times, the smell doesn’t go away, send in the experts.


We get it: accidents, spills, and mishaps happen. The bad thing is that our carpets take the fall for them. Some stains are really difficult to get out, so you’ll need professionals to do it.


We step on our carpet, heavy furniture rests on it, etc. It’s no wonder it starts to get dents and loosens up after a few years! If this is the case, an experienced team can help you out.

Real Damage

Floods, fire, and other emergencies are very serious problems, that can take a toll on your flooring. In these situations, it’s better to have experts assess and restore the carpet.


Make sure to have your carpet professionally cleaned about once a year, to get rid of all of the filth and junk that may be hiding beneath.

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