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Dogs bring a lot to the family home, providing love and friendship, but they can also contribute more than their fair share of muck and messiness, and they can wreak havoc on your carpeting. There’s no need to despair, though, just follow Cleanpro in Fairbanks simple tips to keeping your carpeting in pristine condition.

Wipe Their Paws

Keep an old towel handy by any entrance you and your dog use so that you can wipe their paws before they enter the house. This will quickly become a habit for both of you, and is a great way to minimize the amount of dirt your dog brings in with them.

Keep Them Clean

There’s no better way to avoid your dog dirtying your carpet than ensuring they’re clean. Regular brushing will remove excess hair and dirt from your dog’s coat, preventing it being shed onto your carpeting, and bathing your dog often will avoid them transferring dirt, oils and unpleasant doggy odors onto your carpets.

Act on Stains Fast

If your dog should cause any small stains, be sure to act quickly. Try applying club soda to the stain and then blotting (not scrubbing!) with a clean cloth or towel. Dealing with any accidents as soon as they happen is crucial to avoid stains from becoming permanent.

Vacuum Regularly

You may need to invest in a vacuum that specializes in removing pet hair, as it can be stubborn and difficult to remove otherwise. Vacuuming regularly will stop pet hair accumulating in your carpet’s fibers and trapping extra dust and dirt.

Of course, it isn’t just your dog that is a risk to your carpet. Follow our guide to keeping carpeting clean through fall to keep your carpeting looking its best.

The best way to ensure your carpet is as clean as can be is to call in the experts. We here at Cleanpro in Fairbanks utilize CLEANPRO’s unique, totally pet-friendly and fast-drying carpet cleaning technologies to deliver unbeatable results. Call (907) 388-7768 to find out more today or to set an appointment for carpet cleaning in Fairbanks.

Remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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