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We know that your daily occupations keep you busy enough to think about small things like getting rid of that stain of your carpet. So when you finally have the time, you want someone reliable to take care of it as you would do. You browse through the web and you come across a couple carpet cleaners on the area, everything looks fine so you call them you set a date and time and then comes the disappointment.

Because there are a thousand things that can go wrong when someone isn't doing a good job, here at Cleanpro Fairbanks we've created a quick list of things you should mind before booking a carpet cleaning company.  

Just Remember These Few Things

Apparently Everybody Is a Pro

A definition of professionalism is “the competence of a skill expected of a professional”. Well, sometimes many cleaning carpet companies lack of any of those things! You won’t believe the amount of companies that do their job with an obsolete equipment or unprepared employees. Watch out for them!

How They Get Things Done

Remember that each stain and rough should be treated in an specific way, that’s why each company must have different cleaning products and procedures to get things done. Ask them how they will take care of your carpet! Remember that using the wrong cleaning product or technique could mean the shrinkage or irreparable damage of your carpet.


So you've found a relatively cheap carpet cleaning company. Be careful! There are many unethical businesses out there who will give you an insanely low price just to get you booked and after getting the job done they will charge you extra fees and services you probably didn't need. 

Carpet cleaning in Fairbanks doesn’t have to be a risky gamble! Make sure to try Cleanpro Fairbanks Professionals where our years of experience speak for thousands of satisfied customers who know the advantages of having a tidy carpet! Give us a call at (907) 388-7768! We will be more than happy to explain your our unique cleaning system.

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