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 Blood may be vital for us, but it can mean chaos for your carpet. It can leave a big stain behind that is very difficult to clean. Still, accidents happen all of the time, which is why you need to be prepared for anything.

With this in mind, Cleanpro Fairbanks Professionals will share this handy guide on how to clean blood off your carpet (of course, after you’ve taken care of the injury).

How to Clean Blood Off Your Carpet

  1. To clean blood, you’ll need to get some cleaning supplies: water, vinegar, dishwashing soap, a spray bottle, a piece of clean cloth, and a brush.
  2. Start by mixing the water, vinegar and dishwashing soap into the spray bottle. This will be your miracle worker to get the stain off!
  3. Generously spray the affected area. Make sure to let it sit for a moment so the mixture can act on the stain and start absorbing it.
  4. Take the piece of cloth and start dabbing the blood to lift it off your flooring. Make sure to work your way from the outer edge into the center so you don’t spread it.
  5. If the previous step isn’t doing anything for you, try with the brush. Scrub the carpet a bit so the stain can come off. Then, blot it again with a clean cloth.
  6. As mentioned above, blood is a very difficult to clean. The protein in it causes it to grab on firmly. Which is why, if you’re having trouble, try repeating the process.
  7. Once you notice the stain is entirely gone, make sure the area dries completely before using it again. Allow ventilation in the room to accelerate this step.

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