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Carpets can be kind of difficult to clean, which is why we dread when we spill a stainable substance over it. Still, there are some that are known for being overly stubborn! In this post, Cleanpro Fairbanks Professionals will let you know what these substances are, so you know to be extra careful when handling them!

The Most Difficult Stains You Can Find in Your Carpet 

The Bright Yellow Condiment

We all love mustard. It gives you just the right explosion of flavor on your hotdogs and burgers. Still, its signature bright yellow color should never touch your precious carpet. 

A Pen’s Paint

Pens are very handy. Nonetheless, for some reason, the ink always has to leak out and leave a big mess everywhere. If this happens to you, keep it as far away from your floor as possible!

Kids’ Favorite Drink

As a kid, summer means running around and drinking lots of Kool Aid to fight the heat. But, these two activities combined have a huge potential for a very colorful carpet disaster.

Your Wake-Me-Up

To many, coffee is what gets them functioning properly in the morning. However, while you wait for it to kick in, you can drowsily stumble and get a long-standing stain on your floor.

Our Vital Fluid

Sometimes, accidents happen that end up in a bloody mess! In these cases, and only after you’ve tended to the injury, make sure to get to the stains on your carpet before it’s too late.

For Carpet Cleaning in Fairbanks…

If one of these carpet terrors have wandered into your floor, don’t worry! Cleanpro can restore your carpet back to its original glory with our exclusive cleaning system, that uses a fast-drying ion exchange method. Call (907) 388-7768 to set an appointment, today!

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