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 Dust is an unwanted guest in every home, as it covers furniture, floors and other surfaces. However, you should be aware that dust isn’t a synonym of poor cleaning, as it’s composed of skin cells, hair, fibers and other particles that are in every home. For this reason atCleanpro in Fairbanks, we created the following post containing helpful ideas to minimize dust buildup in your home. 

Regular Cleaning

It’s no secret that reducing dust in your home requires regular cleaning. Make sure to vacuum at least once a week and don’t forget about cleaning tricky places like room corners and under the furniture. 


Lie we mentioned before, skin cells are part of dust and you should pay extra attention to places like your bed, that set the right condition for dust buildup. Using allergen proof encases in your mattress, box spring and pillows is an effective way to prevent this problem, and don’t forget to change the bedding frequently. 

Rugs & Curtains

Remember to beat your rugs and cushions frequently, as this task is somehow negllected in your cleaning routine. Also, wash your curtains and avoid installing heavy drapery in your home. 


Your clothes fabrics are also a major dust source, so you should avoid cluttering this area and use containers or plastic bags to organize your closet. Remember to vacuum this spot frequently and keep it uncluttered. 

These are just a few ideas to minimize dust and the negative impact in can have on your health. Dont forget that it’s estimated that the average home in America produces around 40 pounds of dust every year. Also, don’t forget to read our guide on allergies and carpet

At CLEANPRO, we are always glad to provide you with an outstanding service. Remember that we use an exclusive Ion Exchange process that uses very little moisture, which will allow your carpets dry faster. Consider us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Fairbanks. Call (907) 388-7768 to schedule and estimate, and remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”.

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