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Before investing in new upholstered furniture, be sure you're making a wise purchase. This post can help you decide what type of upholstery will do best in your home.

Choose the Right Upholstery for Any Space

When buying new upholstered furniture, most people start by thinking about what color upholstery they should settle for. While this is an important factor to consider, there are definitely more factors that should be looked into before making a purchase. Most of these factors have to do with who will be using your furniture and the type of use it will see. Not sure what this all means? This post can help make it all a bit more clear.

Why You Need Durable Upholstery

Durability is key when purchasing just about any type of item. If you're going to spend money on it, chances are you want it to last and look good for a long time. Before buying upholstered furniture, consider who will be using your furniture. If you have small children or pets in your home, your best options will be fabrics that are tough and durable. Children tend to be clumsy and pets can cause anything from tears to stains without meaning any harm. In order to avoid having to cover your furniture in plastic to keep it clean, look for fabrics that will resist stains better or that are easier to clean. Indoor/outdoor materials are a great option while fabrics like faux suede can make reducing the visibility of stains easier. You may also want to consider slipcovers which are easy to wash and not uncomfortable like plastic. Keep in mind that woven patterns tend to last longer than those that are printed and a higher thread count will mean more durability.

Consider Something Luxurious

If you don't have pets, children, or red wine lovers to worry about, your options will be a lot more open. You can even consider more luxurious upholstery options which tend to be more delicate. Go ahead and indulge in silks and light colors, just be sure you're careful while on or around your furniture. You may consider having a no-eating-on-the- couch rule just to play it safe. Many types of upholstery can't be cleaned with just any cleaning solution. Don't risk ruining your upholstery and instead contact the carpet cleaning and upholstery care experts at Fairbanks CleanproCall them at (907) 388- 7768 to book your next carpet cleaning or to learn about their upholstery care services!

Stick to a Theme

Now it's time to consider your upholstery color a bit more. Start by taking a look at the room the furniture will be added to. Take note of the wall colors, the flooring, and the general decoration of the space. Stick to the color palette you already have and make sure your fabric choice blends into the room nicely. Neutrals are always a good option since they tend to match with just about any type of decoration. Patterns are also a good option if you want to add a little something extra to a space, just be sure the pattern you choose doesn't clash with anything.

Don't Go Overboard

With that said, do your best not to go overboard with your color choice or pattern. Remember that a piece may look great with a bold pattern on its own, but try to picture it in your space before making your final decision. If you're getting a piece reupholstered, remember that a pattern will different on a swatch of fabric than on a large couch. Large pieces may look better in a solid color while accent pieces that aren't too big may pull off a pattern better.

Understand the Upholstery Before Investing

Finally, before making your purchase be sure you understand how to take care of the upholstery. Different fabrics have different care instructions, so be sure you know what you're getting into. Some upholstery can be spot cleaned easily while other options will need professional cleanings. Check the tag for cleaning specifications and ask questions. While you're asking questions, don't forget to ask about any finishes the upholstery may have. Some have a fire-resistant finish, others may have a stain resistant finish, and others may have a water-repellent finish or any combination of these and others.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Fairbanks

If you love the carpet cleaning services offered by Fairbanks Cleanpro, you'll be happy to know that they also offer upholstery care services. Give them a call at (907) 388- 7768 to schedule your next carpet cleaning and be sure to ask about their upholstery services for an even cleaner home!

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