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Your home may experience more foot traffic over the summer months. To keep your carpets looking their best despite this change, use these tips.

Tips to Help You Keep Your Carpet Clean This Summer

Summer is a time for relaxation, fun, and plenty of outdoor cookouts.   As much fun as these may be, they can mean more people in your home and a heavier amount of foot traffic for your carpet to deal with. If you're worried about keeping your carpet clean and presentable this summer, this post can help you maintain it at its best.

Shoe-Free Zone

If your children are home for the summer, this can also mean a greater amount of foot traffic and dirt for your carpet, especially if your children enjoy spending time outdoors. To reduce the amount of dirt being dragged into your carpet, make your home a shoe-free zone. Place a shoe rack at the entryways where everyone can leave their outdoor shoes. Have some indoor shoes waiting by the door for every member of your family. If you're hosting a get-together in your home, you may want to invite guests to also remove their shoes at the door, but don't force them.

Use Doormats

Using doormats at entryways is a great way to create a barrier between the outdoors and your carpet. If some of your guests are less than enthusiastic about your shoe-free home, a doormat can help remove some of the debris their shoes can drag in. There are so many types of doormats to choose from that you are sure to find the perfect one for your home. Look for a doormat made of materials meant to remove dirt, mud, and moisture in order to keep your carpet spotless. Remember that you don't have to get an ugly doormat either. There are plenty of functional and aesthetically pleasing options to choose from. Check out these fun and functional doormats from our friends at Good Housekeeping.

Invest in Area Rugs

Even if outdoor shoes aren't used in your home, areas of your carpet that experience high amounts of foot traffic can still suffer some consequences. To prevent these areas from looking crushed and worn, invest in area rugs or runners. You don't have to use these daily if you're not fond of the way they look, or you can remove them when you're having guests over. If you're preparing your home for a summer get-together, don't forget about your carpet! Getting it professionally cleaned can make it look like new again. Trust the professionals at Fairbanks Cleanpro to take care of your next carpet cleaning. Schedule your next appointment with them by contacting them at (907) 388- 7768.

Keep the Party Outside

If you're worried about the amount of dirt and debris your guests can drag into your home during a summer barbecue, do your best to keep the party outside. If it's warm enough, guests shouldn't have an issue staying out on the patio or deck. Keep everything outside in order to reduce the number of trips made into your home. Guests will obviously need to get inside to use the restroom. You can use runners in the areas leading to the restroom if you're very concerned about your carpets cleanliness.

Stick to a Vacuuming Schedule

If your carpet will be getting more foot traffic than usual, it's super important that you stick to a vacuuming schedule more than ever. Vacuuming regularly helps remove dirt and other debris on the surface and beyond that can cause your carpet to look dirty, dingy, and worn. It can also remove dust and other contaminants that may cause allergies or other respiratory issues. Be sure to vacuum at least once a week or more often if you have pets in your home or small children. Use these tips to turn your vacuuming into part of your weekly cleaning routine.

Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Many people think that getting their carpets professionally cleaned is a luxury. In reality, carpet cleanings are a necessity and are often included in the terms of your carpet warranty. Avoid taking on this task yourself in order to avoid damaging your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services are recommended at least twice a year in order to keep your carpet looking clean and properly maintained. Doing this can help extend the life of your carpet while also keeping your home smelling better and looking nicer. Before getting your carpet cleaned, be sure to ask your cleaners about using a carpet protector. This can help reduce the appearance of stains between carpet cleanings.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in College

Before your next summer get-together, be sure your carpet is ready to impress your guests. Contact the professionals at Fairbanks Cleanpro and trust them to get your carpet looking like new again. Call them at (907) 388- 7768 to learn all about their carpet cleaning system and be sure to also ask about their upholstery care services.

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