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The holiday season can be tough on your carpets. From bad weather to holiday parties at home, your carpets can get exposed to a plethora of damaging elements. To keep them at their best, use these tips.

Tips That Can Help Keep Your Carpets Clean This Holiday Season

Whether you plan to spend the holiday season enjoying the cold weather or at home with the family by the fireplace, your carpets may end up with some damages. While this is normal for the season, it certainly doesn't mean you should ignore it. Instead, use these tips to keep your carpets looking great through the end of the year.

Use a Festive Welcome Mat

One of the best ways to keep outdoor elements out of your carpet is by trapping them at the door. To do this, you may need to employ the help of a welcome mat. Go for a festive mat that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Look for a mat that includes bristles that will do a great job at removing dirt, mud, and other debris that can stick to shoes. Consider placing another softer mat inside your home that can help catch moisture created by rainstorms, puddles, and other less than ideal conditions. It's best that a mat takes care of this moisture instead leaving it to your carpet.

Have a Coat Rack at the Ready

Since the days can be quite rainy in the winter, wet shoes and clothes in your home may not be uncommon. This means you need to be prepared to keep your carpet dry daily. While a mat is a great option for shoes, you will also need to keep wet raincoats far from your carpet. Having a coat rack by your front door and away from your carpet gives you and your guests the perfect place to store your coat upon entering the home. Giving your guests this option will ensure they don't drape their wet coats over your furniture and that they don't drip all over your carpet.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

One of the best ways to keep your carpets at their best all year round is by ditching your shoes at the door. Your shoes can carry in all kinds of contaminants, from moisture to dirt and everything in between. Have a set of indoor shoes you can change into as you enter your home. If you're having guests over, politely ask them to leave their shoes at the door. Of course, your home will have to be prepared for shoe-less guests. Place a shoe rack at the door where they can store their shoes, offer them a pair of indoor shoes, and make sure there are no sharp objects on the floor. To learn about the many benefits associated with leaving your shoes at the door, click here! If you're planning to have guests over and you're worried about the condition of your carpet, a carpet cleaning service in College can get your carpet holiday ready. Schedule your carpet cleaning service with Fairbanks CleanproGive them a call at (907) 388- 7768 to learn more about how they can get your carpet back to its best.

Plan Your Menu

If you're going to host a holiday get-together at home, invest some extra time into planning your menu. Consider eliminating options that are notorious for causing tough carpet stains and replace them with something a bit more carpet friendly. For example, instead of serving red punch, go for something lighter in color. Messy foods and greasy snacks should also be replaced with items that won't end up on your carpet and upholstery as easily. Finally, have a special eating area for the children. They tend to be the messiest of eaters so it's best that they don't eat too close to a carpeted area.

Clean up Spills Quickly

No matter how careful you are with your menu and eating areas, spills are bound to happen. Instead of getting upset, be proactive. Soak up as much of the spill as possible as soon as you can in order to prevent a stain from setting. Treat the area with a little bit of water and avoid using harsh chemicals that can cause more damage to your carpet.

Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in College

If your carpet picks up more than a few new stains over the holiday season, why not treat it to a professional carpet cleaning service? To schedule your carpet cleaning service in Collegecontact Fairbanks Cleanpro. Call them at (907) 388- 7768 to learn about their carpet cleaning system and all of the other services they provide.

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