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As the weather takes a turn for the worse, it can even start to affect your home's cleanliness. To help you keep the rain and mud where it belongs and off your floors, use these tips.

Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean This Winter

From hosting holiday get-togethers to having the children home for winter break, your carpet sees an increased amount of foot traffic during the holiday season. While the festive spirit and company may be a welcome change, it also means your flooring can develop new stains and dinginess. If you prefer to keep your floors as clean as possible, this can seem like a real challenge. Luckily, Fairbanks Cleanpro has some tips that can help you maintain clean carpets this season.

Prepare from the Outside In

Although you're trying to take care of your home's interior, keeping your home's exterior clean is the first step to achieving this. If your porch and entryways are looking quite dirty and messy, this can quickly make its way inside your home and into your carpeting. Storms may leave behind mud, dirt, dry leaves, and other debris literally at your doorstep which can make its way inside your home by clinging to your shoes. To prevent this from happening, focus some of your cleaning efforts on these areas.

Get Some Festive Mats

While on the topic of your porch and entryways, don't forget to use doormats to keep dirt and other debris outside. If you don't currently have any mats at entryways, look for fun and functional holiday mats to include in your decorating scheme. Place one mat outside so everyone can wipe dirt, mud, and any moisture off of their shoes before entering your home. Outdoors mats tend to be quite sturdy because they need to be able to clean people's shoes. Place another mat inside to get rid of any leftover debris. This also works for catching water that may be dripping of your coat as you remove it before heading further inside.

Invest in Throw Rugs

Area rugs are great for placing over areas that tend to get more foot traffic or stains, but these can also be expensive. If you don't love the idea of investing in another expensive piece of carpet knowing that it too can get stained, throw rugs are the perfect alternative. These can be placed in transition spaces or spaces that get a lot of use in order to prevent stains and dinginess without you having to worry about stains and other issues. Once they're dirty you can simply toss them in the washer for easy cleanup and place them back in their spot one they're dry. If you're preparing your home for a winter gathering, be sure your home is ready for your guests. To give your home a more clean and tidy appearance, get a professional carpet cleaning in Fairbanks North Star Borough. Get the best carpet cleaning service around by contacting Fairbanks Cleanpro at (907) 388- 7768.

Vacuum More Than Usual

If you feel like you already vacuum a lot, get prepared to do even more vacuuming. Since more dirt and debris get dragged indoors during this season you'll need to step up your cleaning efforts in order to prevent new stains from forming. If you aren't vacuuming enough to keep your carpet clean you'll start to notice new stains and dinginess caused by ground-in dirt. Keep in mind that as dirt gets ground into your carpet it can also damage the carpet fibers. To combat all of this, stay on top of your vacuuming and do it more than usual, at least just during this season.

Be Prepared for Pet Messes

Your pets may be too cold to spend much time outdoors but they'll have to go outside at some point. Once they're ready to head back indoors, chances are their paws and even their coat may be tracking in dirt and moisture. These are two things you definitely don't want in your carpet. Instead of letting them excitedly run indoors, stop them at the door and be ready to clean them off. It helps to have a little space set up at the entryway that you can use to clean off your pet. Have some clean washcloths handy and a mat they can stand on as you wipe them down.

It's Time for a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Fairbanks North Star Borough

If your carpets are looking like they could use a cleaning, get the best carpet cleaning in Fairbanks North Star Borough by contacting Fairbanks Cleanpro. Give their carpet cleaning pros a call at (907) 388- 7768 to schedule your next carpet cleaning. They also provide the best upholstery cleaning services around which are perfect for preparing your home for a Christmas party.

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