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Maybe you’ve seen this scene before; you are having a great conversation with friends and suddenly someone misplaces his drink and it all ends up on the carpet. The host rushes to clean it and everyone gives him advices “Use your vacuum cleaner!” “Put some baking soda on it!”.

Truth is that there is a simple way to get rid of those frequent spills and here at Cleanpro in Fairbanks we want that your carpet stays nice and tidy just the way it's meant to be

Here's How To Do It

Act Fast!

Remember that is very important that you act within the first minutes of the spill. Since soft drinks have sugar, it can settle in your carpet so you have to be quick! Start to blot the affected area with a clean cloth or paper towels. 

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution 

In a spray bottle mix two cups of hot water with a few drops of liquid soap. Start flooding the area with it and use your clean cloth wipe up the stain, remember that rubbing it will untangle your carpet fibers which is an irreversible damage!

Use Some Suction 

Now that the area looks clean, remove the remaining moisture and soap with your vacuum cleaner. Wait a few minutes to restore with your fingers your carpet’s fibers. 

Now you know what to do next time someone spills a drink on your carpet. Accidents can happen but don’t worry, as you can see, these situations can be easily handled. 

If you are having problems getting rid of a stain or you want your carpet to look neat. Make sure to contact Cleanproif you are looking for the best carpet cleaning in Fairbanks. We have an outstanding cleaning system that will amaze you! 

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