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Protect Your Carpet From Recurring Stains

If you have just spent the weekend cleaning your carpets, then the last thing that you want is more dirt and mess.  In this post, Cleanpro Fairbanks, Alaska has some ideas on knowing your habits, and preparing your carpet for them.

Adults Will Be...Kids

Sometimes adults can get a little...boisterous when watching an energetic sports game or playing video games. When the time comes, don't panic - prepare. If you are hosting a sports night at your home, take precautions to prevent 'that stain again'.  To avoid accidental spills, serve your drinks in overly sized cups and utilize a piece of carpet protector under and around your sofa. In the event that your team scores a goal, the excitement won't result in carpet stains - instead you can simply wipe off the protector ready for the next goal!

Kids Will Be...Well, Kids Too

If your child's favourite past time activity is painting your walls and white carpet with paint and crayons -  don't stop the creativity, redirect it. Create art based tasks for your children to complete and provide them with an appropriate space to create and work. If possible, create a space close to where you will be that is easily cleaned and out of harms way. If the weather is nice, take your child's art outside and let them enjoy creating in the sun...and away from your walls and carpets.

Carpet Cleaning in Fairbanks

If you've tried all that you can but are still left with stubborn stains after your guests have left, speak with a professional about bringing your carpets back to their original condition. Contact Cleanpro Fairbanks, Alaska on (907) 388-7768 about how carpet cleaning in Fairbanks can recover your carpet after stains and damage.  

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