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Mold is one of those annoying little microorganisms that could be living in your carpeted floors. However, if you want to prevent it from spreading and becoming a problem (to your carpet's lifespan and to your health), you need to keep it under control. Surprisingly, this is a fairly simple goal to achieve, and if you want a bit of help on how you can do it too, just follow the advice mentioned in this post.

How to Prevent Carpet Mold

Dry It Properly

Sooner or later, a water spill (or any other spill for that matter) will happen on your carpet. Still, if you want to keep your carpet mold-free, you’ll need to dry it effectively:
  • Use a clean towel to absorb some of the moisture.
  • If you can, try uncovering the padding underneath so it can dry too.
  • Open windows and doors, and turn on fans to allow ventilation in the room.
  • Use baking soda on it. Vacuum it away after you’ve let it act on the humidity for a while.Let your carpet dry in its entirety before using it again.

Ward Off Humidity

Humidity is your biggest enemy in your battle against carpet mold (since mold thrives in humid places). Keep the moisture levels in your home low by:
  • Not installing carpeting in humid rooms (like your bathroom or basement).
  • Make sure air can circulate freely through your home.
  • Repair any leaks, clogged drains or other sources of stagnant water.
  • If needed, purchase a dehumidifier to lower the moisture and improve your air quality.

Make an Investment

Certain materials, though more expensive, can be more resistant to mold, time, and usage. Flat or slab rubber, for example, is a higher quality padding that can ensure that your carpet will be good as new for longer. However, it is quite an investment, so consider it first.

Use Little Moisture

When the time to wash your carpet comes around, use as little moisture as possible. As you know, certain cleaning methods (such as steam cleaning) can leave your carpet damp, which helps promote mold growth. Instead, hire a reliable company that utilizes a fast-drying method that eliminates that possibility.

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