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Our customers at Cleanpro in Fairbanks are more than likely beginning to think about the cold winter months we experience here. Just as one does Spring Cleaning inside of the home, winter offers its own necessities to ensure that the outside of your home is ready for winter. It is with this in mind that we would like to share six tips to help you clean up the outside of your home, ensuring it is winter ready and that the spring will not bring any unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided with an outside winter cleaning. 

You should be sure to remove plants from flower beds if they were perennial plants that will no longer be blooming. 

Likewise, consider applying a winterizing fertilizer on your grass, in order to keep it nice and healthy for next year. 

Remember to rake leaves from the yard, throwing them away or making fertilizer. You should also clean leaves from gutters, ensure downspouts are facing away from your home, and clean under decks and porches. 

You’ll want to cover outside appliances that you will not be using during the winter, such as your faucets and your air conditioner, should you have one. Here you should also store your watering hose, as you will probably not be needing it in those cold winter months. 

Lastly, you should always ensure that your firewood is not placed directly on the ground, but stored so that it is not touching the ground. You don’t want little critters climbing in there to keep warm and then being accidentally brought into the house!

As you are coming in and out of your home during the winter, remember that the cleaner it is outside, the less likely you are to track mud inside. We’ve already talked about how to handle your shoes on your carpet and the stains they might leave behind, but if you need a reminder, feel free to read it again. 

If during your winter months inside, you begin to look around and notice you are in need of a professional carpet cleaning service, remember us at Cleanpro for all of your carpet cleaning needs in Fairbanks. You can rest assured that your family will not be exposed to any harsh chemicals as we clean, and that your carpet will truly come out looking better. Contact us at (907) 388-7768 to find out more.

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