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If you're looking for new carpets for your home, you may be considering investing in wool carpeting. Before you do, make sure you understand the pros and cons of this fiber.

Is Wool Carpet the Right Investment for You?

Wool carpet is one of the most popular carpet types and for good reason....
Being a carpet owner isn't hard, but your carpet will require some looking after. Use these basic tips to keep your carpet at its best.

Carpet Care Basics

As a carpet owner, you're probably doing your best to take care of your carpet. After all, investing in a brand new carpet and installation...
As a carpet owner, there are some carpet issues you will need to keep an eye out for. To help you deal with these, check out the following information.

How to Deal With Common Carpet Issues

As a carpet owner, you may be enjoying the benefits of your wall to wall carpeting. While there are many...
A smelly home is not ideal for anyone. If you notice your home has developed some type of lingering odor, use these tips to get it smelling better.

Tips to Get Your Home Smelling Its Best

Everyone's home has a distinct smell to it, which isn't a bad thing. However, you will want to ensure that...
If keeping a tidy home during the summer seems like an impossible task, rest assured knowing it doesn't have to be hard. Use these tips to keep your home clean this season.

Tips for a Clean Home This Summer Break

With the kids home all summer, it may seem impossible to expect to have a clean...
Before investing in new upholstered furniture, be sure you're making a wise purchase. This post can help you decide what type of upholstery will do best in your home.

Choose the Right Upholstery for Any Space

When buying new upholstered furniture, most people start by thinking about what color...
If you suffer from allergies, the spring can turn into a real hassle. To have your home be your safe space away from allergens, use these tips to reduce allergens in your home.

Reduce the Allergens in Your Home

If it seems like you can't get away from allergens, not even in your own home, not...
As the winter gloom slowly fades away, prepare your home for some spring sunshine. Refresh your home with some spring cleaning, and be sure not to miss these easy to forget areas.

Spring Cleaning Tasks to Take Care of This Season

Winter can sometimes feel endless with its dreary weather and...
An old carpet may be showing signs of wear, but does this mean it's come to its end? These indicators will let you know if you should replace your carpet or just get it cleaned.

Signs That Indicate Your Carpet Needs to Be Replaced

Carpet is a great option when it comes to choosing flooring for...
If you've adopted a puppy only to realize they may cause damage to your carpet, don't worry too much. There are many things you can do to make it work.

How to Keep Your Puppy Happy and Your Carpet Clean

Puppies are incredibly cute, but they can also prove to be quite a handful. If your home is...

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