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Put Protectors Underneath Your Furniture Legs So They Don't Dig Into the Pile

If you have an extremely plush carpet, the marks left behind from furniture will be more obvious to the naked eye when you decide to move the sofa or sell the house because the legs of your furniture dig into your...
You take care of yourself, your body, and your skin. Hopefully, you keep a healthy eating routine, exercise frequently, and follow a skin regime. You keep yourself looking as young as you can. Are you doing the same for your carpets? If you want their good looks to be maintained, you should take...
Every mind is a different world, so is the case when we are talking about carpets. We know the possibilities in the carpet world are endless; so many types, colors, and materials to choose from. Some may promise to be easier to clean, some may look and feel more luxurious, some may be stain...

The Do's and Don'ts of Carpet Cleaning

To help you keep your carpets at their best between carpet cleanings, Fairbanks Cleanpro has these simple to follow tips.

What to Do to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Follow these simple tips to help you keep your carpet at its best all year long.

Do Place a Barrier...


Dealing With Summer Carpet Stains

The warm summer months can feel even better when your home is carpeted. Although you may think carpeting will make things more uncomfortable when it's hot out, carpeting actually means you can walk around barefoot comfortably and throw yourself on the floor on...

Tips to Help Pet Owners Keep Their Carpets Clean

Having a pet in your home can be a lot of fun, but it can also mean more work to keep your carpets clean. Although it may be more work, it doesn't have to be hard work. There are simple changes you can make to your routine in order to keep your pet...

How to Avoid Dirt Stains in Your Carpet

If dirt stains are a common issue in your carpet, there are ways you can help reduce the occurrence of dirt in your home. If you have a dirt stain that needs to be dealt with, the solution can be quite simple. Fairbanks Cleanpro in Fairbanks North Star...

How to Spring Clean Your Carpets in Ester

Spring is a great season because of the warmer weather and longer days. However, many may not look forward to one important part of the season: spring cleaning. If you're dreading cleaning your home, remember that it has to get done at some point. As you...
Keeping your carpeting clean not only has to do with your home's aesthetics; on the contrary, having a dirty carpet can affect your health as well. For that reason, it's important that you vacuum your flooring in an effective way to make it as clean and sanitary as you can. For a few tips on the...
Getting wall to wall carpet for your home can be quite a commitment, so it makes sense that you want to do some research first. To get to the truth behind some common carpet myths, keep reading.

Learn the Truth Behind These Carpet Myths

Before you make a final decision about whether or not...

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