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When looking across your carpet, you’re likely pleased with what you see, unless you’ve got a spot with some wear and tear or a stain that you’re simply fed up with. What do you do when you need to replace a part of your carpet, but do not feel it necessary, or don’t have the budget to replace the entire carpet? Consider patching the area that needs fixed, instead. Cleanpro in Fairbanks would like to help you today by providing you with some easy tips to patch a piece of carpet that is in need of replacing. 

Your first step will be to locate a new piece of carpet to replace the old. You may be able to go to a reserve pile of leftover carpet from the installation, which of course would be ideal. However, if you don’t have any extra carpet left over from the installation you could consider removing a piece of carpet from a closet or other area of the home that is not seen very often. 

Next, you’ll need to cut out the piece of carpet you’re going to use to replace the old, as well as the damaged carpet area. When cutting out the piece you’ll use to replace the old, be sure to use tape to mark the direction of the carpet fibers so you can place it correctly into the new area you’ll be replacing. 

Cut out a piece of material a bit larger, about one inch on each side, than the hole you’ve left in your carpet. Using either fabric or carpet glue, glue the fabric to the underside of the carpet to secure it. 

Next, line up the new patch of carpet and shape it. Using the same glue, attach the carpet to the fabric. Leave it there overnight, allowing the glue to dry overnight. You can use your finger to help rearrange the fibers to blend them together. 

Once you’ve finished replacing the piece of carpet you may notice that your new patch is slightly cleaner than the rest of the carpet. Why not consider getting a professional carpet cleaning? Remember that we can also help you keep your suede furniture spotless. For carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, contact us at Cleanpro.

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