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If you're expecting the kids to be home for summer, this can mean added wear and tear for your carpet. To keep your carpet in good shape even with the added foot traffic, use these carpet care tips.

Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean This Summer

The summer can be a fun season for get-togethers in your home or for just spending time with your kids. However, this extra time at home and the increased foot traffic it results in can mean additional wear and tear for your carpets. Before this wear becomes a serious issue, use these carpet care tips to keep your flooring at its best.

Leave Shoes Outside

If you have kids or pets living in your home, you can definitely expect them to spend more time outdoors during the summer than usual. Once they're done playing outside, they can drag dirt and other debris into your home even if they don't mean to. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is by making a new rule that requires outdoor shoes to be left outdoors. This can seriously reduce the amount of dirt that gets dragged into your home and your carpets. When it comes to pets, they have no shoes to take off as they go back inside. However, you can still reduce the amount they track in by cleaning their paws before they get back on the carpet.

Pay Attention to the Entryways

Leaving your shoes at the door isn't the only way to stop dirt in its tracks at the entryways of your home. While your family may agree to leave their shoes at the door, many of your guests may not be comfortable doing the same. In these cases, a doormat will be super useful. They may not seem like a huge deal, but having a doormat can make all the difference. Your guests will be more inclined to clean off their shoes when they see a doormat, helping to limit the debris your carpet has to deal with. It's also important to keep entryways clean and tidy so that dirt doesn't accumulate there and then get inside.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Chances are you already have a cleaning schedule, but the summer months can cause changes to your routine. With the kids being home or a summer vacation, your cleaning schedule may lose out to everything else that's going on. To prevent this from happening, get your kids involved in the cleaning. Since they're home for summer break and don't have school or homework to keep them busy, they can definitely spend some time doing chores daily. Not only will this lighten your load, but it may also help your home stay cleaner than before. Make some time to get your carpets cleaned this summer and have them looking like new again. A professional carpet cleaning in College is a must if you want to expand the life of your carpet and keep it looking like new. To find the best carpet cleaning service around, contact Fairbanks Cleanpro. Give them a call at (907) 388- 7768 to learn more about their carpet cleaning system, which is safe for your carpet and super effective.

Prevention Goes a Long Way

If you've stopped hosting fun get-togethers in your home because of the carpet stains they can result in, there are ways around this. Instead of never hosting a barbecue or party, take preventative measures to stop stains before they occur. To start, host your events outdoors, far away from your carpet. Of course, people will need to use the bathroom, so use runners in the areas people will walk over. If you want to host an indoor get-together, prepare a menu that includes food and drinks that are not notorious for stubborn carpet stains.

Limit Play Areas

Having your children home for the summer can be a lot of fun, but it can also result in quite a bit of carpet wear. To prevent new stains or matting from showing up in your carpet, designate play areas around the house. This means limiting play time to certain parts of the home where your carpet won't suffer. It's also super important that you limit the spaces where your child can eat. Eating should never happen over carpet because accidents are bound to happen, so do your best to ensure your children stick to eating in the dining room, kitchen, or even on the patio.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning in College

If it's time for your next carpet cleaning, enlist the help of the pros at Fairbanks Cleanpro. Give their carpet cleaning experts a call at (907) 388-7768 to schedule your next carpet cleaning. Don't forget that they also offer upholstery cleaning services to get your entire home looking great!

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