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Keep Pet Stains From Reccuring By Re-Training Your Pet

Accidents happen. Every pet owner knows this to be all too true, but repeat offenders may need some help. Learn what to do after your pet's accidental pet stain is gone.

Find the Scene of the Crime

If the spot has tried, it may be difficult to lake. Follow your nose to locate the soiled areas. Check the area you suspect to be soiled with a black light to locate old urine stains as well. Turn off the lights and lightly outline the area with chalk.

Make a Plan

After determining which areas are soiled, clean the areas thoroughly. As long as your pet smells their scent, they will continue to utilize this zone. Even if you can't smell anything, your pet can. You must be sure to neutralize the odor. If you don't completely clean the area, your retraining attempts will be in vain.

Vet Check

Have your pet checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions. Once you are sure your pet is healthy, use positive reinforcement techniques to retrain your pet.

Retrain Your Best Friend

Once you know your pet is healthy, teach them where it is acceptable to eliminate. Check out The Humane Society for tips on training your cat, dog, puppy or kitten. Retraining may take a week or more. It will take some time to replace the bad habit with a good one and establish more acceptable behavior. Always treat your pet with caring patience and encourage them! Fairbanks Cleanpro provides you with the best carpet cleaning industry in Fairbanks. Call 907-388-7768 to speak with a team specialist. With a system that has proven itself to be the finest on the market today, we have provided our customers complete satisfaction. Call 907-388-7768 to speak with a team specialist.

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