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Our upholstery makes a great addition to our homes: they are functional, comfortable and they add a bit of design. Nonetheless, they may be overlooked when it comes to their cleanliness! They need to be deeply cleaned on a regular basis, and the Cleanpro Fairbanks Professionals will tell you why!

Why Deep Clean Your Upholstery Often

To Keep Yourself Clean!

We sit, sleep, touch, and even eat on the upholstery in our homes, which is why they need to be extra clean. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to do any of these activities in a dirty seat, so keep them tidy !

To Have a Better Looking Home

A dirty furniture set can make your whole home look nasty! Stains, odors, and other signs of filth catch the eye, and no matter how much you clean the rest, until you get those problem areas fixed, your entire house will feel gross!

To Stay Healthy

Microbes and other bacteria, along with dust molecules get trapped in your couches, cushions, padded chairs, etc.! Even though we may not see them, they can affect how we breathe and how often we get sick. 

To Get the Dust Out

Sometimes, just cleaning your upholstery on the surface won’t do it. There’s a lot of dust and gunk resting between the creases, under the armrest, and in other difficult-to-reach spots. Make sure you deep clean your upholstery to get rid of them!

To Make it Last Longer

Upholstery is a big investment! It’s expensive but, if you look after your furniture and keep it clean, it will be with you for a longer period of time! So, in the end, care for your upholstery to care for your wallet.

Though we may overlook them, our furniture should be a priority when cleaning our home! We use it in a lot of different scenarios, which is why we should try our best to keep it as spotless as possible!

Aside from providing the best carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, the Cleanpro Professionals also have expertise in upholstery cleaning! Call (907) 388-7768 for a deep clean that will leave your home feeling good as new!

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