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The holidays are here and apart from the wonderful meals and great times with our loved ones, there is one unwanted guest that may also visit us during this season. During this season snow will cover our streets and driveways, which can be very inconvenient.

A common way to melt snow is using salt which may be effective, but it also creates many problems ranging from ruining your garden to polluting water supplies, not to mention causing stains on your carpet. For this reason, at Cleanpro in Fairbanks, we would like to tell you a method to get rid of those salt stains in a fast and efficient way. 

Preventive Measures

Removing your shoes before entering your home is an easy way to prevent salt stains. Don’t forget to place sturdy door mats at the entrance. Also, protect your shoes by waxing them, especially if they are made from leather. 

Cleaning Solution

No matter how careful you are, it’s possible that some salt will end up on your carpet. To remove it, you will need to create a cleaning solution. Mix equal parts lukewarm water with white vinegar in a spray bottle for a simple homemade cleaning solution. Remember to act as soon as you notice the stain. 


Before applying your cleaning solution, use your vacuum cleaner to remove any salt. Now, spray your solution and use a clean cloth to gently blot the remaining moisture, and whatever you do, never use baking soda to remove salt!

Keep in mind that salt can be abrasive and can damage your carpet’s fibers, so remember to follow this easy method to handle this problem. Also, be sure to read this post containing useful information to keep your carpet in top condition for the holidays

Don’t forget that you should get your carpet cleaned professionally at least twice a year, and this is the perfect time to do it! If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, think about CLEANPRO. Our exclusive system brings together the sciences of thermodynamics, kinetics and fluid mechanics to deliver you amazing results using very little moisture. 

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