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Under the right circumstances, your carpet gives to your home an incomparable style and comfort. Unfortunately, weight and other factors can crush your carpet’s fibers; especially on high traffic areas like staircases, hallways, and beneath furniture legs.

At Cleanpro in Fairbanks, we know that you want your carpet to be in great conditions. That’s why we tell you what you can do to restore those crushed fibers.

Just try this simple method:

Get Ready!

You will need a bowl full of ice cubes, your vacuum cleaner and a blunt knife

Stay Cool!

Once you identified the affected areas, put an ice cube on them. Remember to be careful! Too much ice can translate into moisture that can damage your padding or wooden floors.

Give it Some Time 

Allow the ice to melt. After that, use your vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining moisture. If the fibers still look flat, you could use a blunt knife to lift them. Do it carefully! You could untangle the carpet’s fibers.

Word of Advice

To avoid future carpet dents, consider using furniture coasters under the legs of your sofa and chairs.

Restoring your crushed carpet is that simple! Remember these tips next time you are dealing with this situation.

We know that you like to keep your house tidy. Why not going the extra mile and hire professional carpet cleaners! Don’t forget that Cleanpro is a trustworthy company, that provides you unbeatable results.

So think about us, next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Fairbanks. To learn more about us and our unique cleaning system, please call (907) 388-7768.

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