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Carpet can certainly be enjoyed anytime of year, however during the winter months it becomes even more luxurious. When it’s cold outside, stepping out of bed onto carpet is so much better than stepping onto a cold floor. We also are likely to utilize our fireplaces during these winter months, another great way to keep warm. However there is something about this combination that does not mix, and fireplace soot on your carpet can be rather frustrating and difficult to remove. Don’t worry; there is a solution. Just as we previously shared how to remove salt stains from your carpet, Cleanpro in Fairbanks is here to provide you with simple tips on removing fireplace soot from your carpet. 

  • First, it is important that you remove any large chunks of soot from the carpet. You can do this by vacuuming the affected area. If there are still large pieces of soot that are stuck to the carpet fibers, use a dull knife to pry them from the carpet and vacuum again.
  • Get a bottle of dry-cleaning solution.
  • Spray this solution onto the carpet little by little. You can place a dry, clean towel over the top of it to help absorb some of the stain.
  • Now, gently blot the area to remove the stain.
  • Vacuum the area again.
  • Let the area dry naturally.
  • You may find that the stain is particularly stubborn. If this is the case, repeat the previous steps for maximum results. 

Fireplace soot is particularly difficult to remove. If you’ve tried this in-home solution to no avail, remember that Cleanpro is here for you. Should you find that there are stains in your carpet you need some assistance removing, contact us at  (907) 388-7768 for carpet cleaning in Fairbanks.

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