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Suede is one of the softest, coziest materials around. If it was possible, it would be on every piece of furniture in our homes. The downside to it is that it is kind of high maintenance, meaning that you should treat it nicely and be careful with it. Still, if you have suede upholstery in your home, here are a few tips on how you can take proper care of it. 

How to Maintain Your Suede Spotless


Better to be safe than sorry! In order to prevent anything bad from happening to your suede furniture, you should:
  • Establish a no shoes and no eating on the suede couch.
  • Spray them generously with stain and water repellents.
  • Use pillows, throws and stylish covers to protect them from any mishap.
  • Try to keep them away from direct sunlight as they can get discolored with time.


If you want your suede upholstery to remain spotless and pretty, you’ll also need to maintain it. To do it, you have to:
  • Have a set weekly schedule so you can keep track of your cleaning sessions.
  • Vacuum it thoroughly and effectively (under its cushions, too) to lift any dust on it.
  • Brush off the hairs and dirt that sticks to it on a regular basis and with the proper tools.


If a spill or other mishap puts your upholstery in danger, act as fast as possible to minimize the damage and follow these instructions:
  • Blot some of the moisture from the substance spilled with a clean cloth.
  • Then, use a special suede cleaner to remove the stain and make your upholstery spotless once more.
  • Allow it to dry properly before using your suede furniture again.

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