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The Advantages of Having Carpet Flooring in Your Home

If you're considering having carpet installed in your home but aren't sure how it can benefit you, Fairbanks Cleanpro can help you get to know some of its advantages.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

For those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, carpet is a great flooring option. Carpet is easily recycled and can even be turned into new products, helping to reduce the amount of waste it creates. This means there is less of a need for raw materials when carpet is recycled. You can also shop around for carpets made of natural products that use safe materials that contaminate less and are better for your wellbeing.

Stay Within Your Budget

Because there are so many types of carpet styles available, you are sure to find one that fits your budget. Carpet prices will differ depending on the material its made of, its pile type, length, texture, and other characteristics. Not only is carpet budget friendly, maintaining it clean and fresh will also be easy on your budget.

Simple Maintenance

Carpet maintenance is relatively easy when compared to other types of flooring. Vacuuming can do wonders for your carpet when taken care of regularly and correctly. Newer vacuum models do most of the work because of their superior suction and power, making the process even easier. When it comes to stains, most of these can be removed using simple home products you already own, including water, vinegar, and mild dish soap among others. Most stains can be removed using minimal elbow grease if treated right away. Counting on a professional carpet cleaning service to treat your carpets at least a couple times a year will also leave your carpets looking like new for longer. These services are usually budget friendly and very effective.

Add Style to Your Home

Changing your carpet is a great way to give your home a quick update without much work. Carpet comes in so many colors, textures, and patterns that changing it can add a whole new feel to a room. Whether you're looking for a simple background to a busy room or a touch of color that will bring a room to life, carpet can accomplish exactly what you're looking for. If your carpet is in need of a professional carpet cleaning, contact Fairbanks Cleanpro at (907) 388- 7768. Be sure to ask about their Ion Exchange Process and how it can benefit you and your carpet.

Added Home Insulation

Carpet is a great way to add extra insulation to any room in your home. Carpet and its padding add an extra barrier helping to keep temperatures in your home comfortable. Whether you're experiencing a freezing winter or a scorching summer, carpet can help keep outdoor temperatures from affecting your interiors. No matter what season it is, carpet can help reduce your need for indoor heating or cooling, helping you save money on your energy bills all year long.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Carpeting is known to give spaces a warmer feel because of its soft texture, but it can do much more than that. Carpet can also make any room more comfortable and welcoming thanks to its texture. The padding it provides is easier on feet and offers you the opportunity to comfortably walk around your home barefoot. You can also comfortably curl up on your carpet or safely get down on the floor to play with your children or pets.

Safety and Health

The texture of carpet flooring can make your home safer, especially if you have small children or elderly people in your home regularly. Carpet is safer for children who are just learning to walk and for people who are prone to slips and falls. The texture makes slips less common and can help make falls less dangerous. Carpet fibers can also help keep the air in your home cleaner because they will catch and hold onto allergens and other contaminants. To keep the air clean, however, you will have to vacuum regularly in order to remove these trapped contaminants before they are released back into the air.

Keep Things Quiet

Just like carpet provides an extra layer of insulation, it also provides a great sound barrier. Carpet and its padding can help absorb loud sounds and keep them from traveling to other rooms in the home. The added barrier can help keep things quieter between rooms or between neighbors in close quarters.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service

Don't put off your next carpet cleaning any longer! Contact Fairbanks Cleanpro and get to know their patented Ion Exchange Process. Give Fairbanks Cleanpro a call at (907) 388- 7768 to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

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