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How to Identify and Deal with Carpet Mold

If you suspect there is mold growing in your carpet, this post can help you identify it and prevent it in the future.

Identify Carpet Mold

Identifying carpet mold can be tricky when it's in its early stages. This is due to the fact that, as mold just begins to grow, it may not be visible. Luckily, there are a few things you can look out for if you suspect there is mold growing in your carpet.

Musty Odor

One of the most common signs that point to mold growth in your home is a musty odor. A strong musty odor is often credited to mildew, but it can actually be coming from a moldy surface. The people who live in your home may not be able to smell it right away, but if visitors or guests in your home indicate that there is an unpleasant mold-like odor, it's best to check it out.

Allergy-Like Symptoms

Mold can be quite dangerous if you're exposed to it for long periods of time. Coming into contact with mold, whether you breathe it in, ingest it, or touch it, can cause health issues. The most common symptoms people experience when exposed to mold are allergy-like symptoms. These can include coughing, wheezing, irritated throat, irritated eyes, congested or a runny nose, skin irritation, and trouble breathing. If you develop these symptoms but notice they act up more when you're home, this can indicate that you have mold in your home.

Visible Mold Growth

If you haven't had any allergy-like symptoms and you don't smell a musty odor in your home, there are still other things to watch out for. Once mold has been allowed to grow and develop in your carpet, it will start to become visible. Visible signs of mold in your carpet can start out as small patches of green, white, or black on the surface. These small patches will start to grow and become more and more visible. At this point, there is no denying that your carpet has a mold issue.

At-Home Mold Testing Kit

If you suspect your carpet might be moldy, you can test this with an at-home mold testing kit. Most hardware stores sell at-home testing kits that are convenient and accurate. There are different types of kits, so be sure to shop around before choosing one. There are also more accurate testing options that include sending a sample from your carpet to a lab for professional testing. Keep your carpet clean and mold-free by contacting Fairbanks Cleanpro. Their reliable team of carpet cleaners can help you prevent mold growth in your carpet. Contact them at (907) 388- 7768 to learn more about their CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System.

Causes of Carpet Mold

Carpet mold is usually caused by large amounts of moisture seeping into your carpet. Most carpets can contain mold spores, but if these aren't exposed to moisture they won't ever grow to be mold. Mold is often the result of a spill that doesn't get soaked up properly, a leaking pipe, or a flood. Carpet that is exposed to standing water has a very high chance of developing mold, so it's always best to extract any moisture affecting your carpet before it has a chance to develop mold. Remember to always check the carpet padding as well since this part may remain wet even though the carpet feels dry.

How to Prevent Carpet Mold

Use these simple tips to help keep your carpet free of mold.

Where to Install Carpet

Carpet is a great option when it comes to flooring, but it doesn't belong in every room of your home. Some rooms, like the bathroom, are much better of with a less porous flooring choice. This is because the high amount of moisture and humidity caused by showering can lead to mold growth very quickly. Another room that shouldn't be carpeted is the kitchen. Cooking can also cause humidity levels to rise, leading to moldy carpeting.

Reduce Indoor Humidity

Other rooms in your home may have high levels of moisture, but this can be kept under control through the use of a dehumidifier. Often dark, enclosed spaces, like the basement, can turn into the ideal space for mold growth. If you notice condensation on the walls or windows, moist items, or a musty smell, investing in a dehumidifier for that space is a good option.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Keeping your carpet clean can go a long way in preventing mold growth in it. Rely on a professional service that doesn't use steam to clean your carpets since this will expose your carpet to more moisture. Remember to get your carpets cleaned at least a couple of times a year for the best results.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Fairbanks

Avoid having mold grow in your carpet by contacting Fairbanks Cleanpro and scheduling your next carpet cleaning. Call them at (907) 388- 7768 and learn all about their Ion Exchange Process.

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