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Maintenance is the key word when it comes to extend the life of not only your carpet but to many other things! Carpets are commonly made out of synthetic fibers and they are made to last 8 to 15 years. This is a wide range that depends on various factors such as the quality of your carpet, if it’s light or dark colored and the type of activity it will be handling.

But no matter if you have children or pets, here at Cleanpro in Fairbanks we want that your carpet the maximum performance that meets your needs! That’s why we give you three simple tips that will help you to extend your carpet life.

These Simple Tips Will Extend Your Carpet's Life

Shoes Off!

The streets aren’t the cleanest place and guess what? Your shoes bring all that dirt into your house! Ban them inside your home or the areas where there is carpet! Bare feet are not a great option, the oil in our feet will attract dirt and will cause damage to your carpet. The answer? A shoe rack and house slippers at the entrance of your home.


Every entrance should have a outside mat to remove mud, soil and other things that may get stuck in your shoes. An inside mat is also recommended to absorb moisture. To facilitate its cleaning, small sized mats are recommended. 

Professional Cleaning

We know how much hard work you put into your house but hiring a professional cleaner is recommended at least once a year! They have methods and equipment to get rid of those stains and dust that your conventional vacuum cleaner can´t. 

Have you asked yourself when was the last time you called the pros? If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Fairbanksremember that Cleanpro has an unique cleaning system that will give your carpet that brand new look! To learn more about us give us a call at (907) 388-7768

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