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What to Consider When Carpet Shopping

Before going carpet shopping, be sure you're fully prepared to make an informed decision. Use these tips to guide your carpet shopping trips.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Most people don't do their carpet shopping all on their own; many rely on the help of skilled salespeople to make their final choice. If this is part of your plan, be prepared for the questions they may ask. Some of these questions may include:
  • What room will the carpet be installed in?
  • How much foot traffic does this room get?
  • What type of use does it see?
  • How much natural light reaches the carpet?
  • Does this room have direct access to an outdoor space?
The answers to these questions will help determine a few of the most important factors when carpet shopping.

What Style Is Best?

There are three main styles to choose from when looking for a new carpet: loop pile, cut pile, and cut and loop pile. These are the most basic styles, but each one has a few different sub-styles due to some slight variations. Basic loop pile refers to a carpet that is made up of fibers that are looped. This style of carpet can be quite durable and versatile because of the patterns loop pile can create. However, this type of carpet is more prone to snagging, especially if you have pets in your home. Cut pile refers to carpets made up of fibers that stick straight up. Generally, these fibers are twisted at their root to give them more support and durability. Those with more twists are generally more sturdy and resistant to wear. This type of carpeting is great for large areas. The final style is cut and loop pile, which combines both of the already mentioned styles. The appeal of this carpet style is thanks to its ability to create patterns using both styles. Whatever style you choose, there are many benefits to enjoy once your new carpet has been installed.

What Color Choice Is Best?

Your color choice will depend on a few factors, including how much natural light the room gets and how much foot traffic it gets. A room that gets a lot of sunlight will be better off with less color because of the potential for fading. Heavy foot traffic can often mean more soiling and stains, so a darker color will be better equipped to hide these unsightly marks. Your final choice should also match with the decorating scheme of the room. Take into account the color of the walls or wallpaper, your upholstery, and your drapes so that they don't clash with the carpet. Use these tips from the Carpet and Rug Institute to make a perfect choice. No matter what type of carpet you have, daily maintenance and professional carpet cleanings will help keep it looking like new for longer. Schedule your professional carpet cleanings with the best carpet cleaning service in Fairbanks North Star Borough, Fairbanks Cleanpro. To schedule your next appointment, contact them at (907) 388- 7768.

The Difference in Carpet Fibers

Carpets can be made of many different materials, but the majority of carpets are made of nylon. This is mainly due to the affordability and durability of this fiber type. Nylon carpets tend to last long, are stain resistant, and abrasion resistant. This makes them great for areas with a high amount of foot traffic. Polyester carpeting is great if you're looking for a carpet with color. This fiber type is fade resistant and stain resistant but can be more susceptible to getting noticeably crushed. Polypropylene or olefin carpets are inexpensive but can also be quite resistant to fading and stains, as long as these are not oil based. However, they may not be the most abrasion resistant. Wool is a more expensive option, but one that looks and feels more luxurious. Wool can be durable and resilient if taken care of properly. The fiber type you choose will depend on the qualities you need as well as the budget you set.

The Importance of Carpet Padding

Although you can't see the carpet padding, it can make a difference when it comes to your carpet's appearance. Think of it as your carpet's foundation. To keep you carpet looking great and prevent it from breaking down prematurely, be sure you know what type of carpet padding is best for the room you are carpeting. Generally, a thick and soft padding is ideal for rooms with minimal amounts of foot traffic, and a thin and firm padding is great for rooms with high amounts of foot traffic. For tips on how to prepare your carpets for summer, click here.

Does It Fit Your Budget?

Before carpet shopping, it's best that you decide on a budget. Carpet shopping can get expensive, especially if you don't take into account all the expenses it may include. For example, professional carpet removal and installation should also be a part of your budget. Don't forget to also include your carpet padding when figuring out your budget. To make things easier, take measurements of the space you want to carpet so that you can get more accurate estimates while shopping around. If you're on a tight budget, use these tips to get the most for your dollar.

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