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How to Remove Common Halloween Carpet Stains

Halloween is a great holiday for people of all ages. The dressing up, the sweet treats, and the festive decorations are all part of the fun. If you're worried about the stains this holiday can bring to your carpet, don't stress too much. Most Halloween stains are easy to treat and remove, so loosen up and enjoy the holiday!

Remove Chocolate From Your Carpet

Chocolate bars of any sort are some of the most popular Halloween treats for trick-or-treaters. If your child heads out for treats this year, it is very likely that they will bring home a great amount of these fun size sweets. While these treats are quite delicious, they can also cause problems for your carpet. To avoid getting chocolate stains on your clean carpets, set a no candy eating rule in carpeted rooms. If this is impossible or hard to enforce, don't get too upset if you come across a new chocolate stain in your carpet this season. Simply grab some warm water, a spoon, and a few washcloths as soon as you notice the stain. If the chocolate is melted, use a spoon or the dull side of a butter knife to scoop up as much chocolate as possible. If the chocolate is hard and dry, gently scrape up the chocolate with a dull knife. Treat the leftover stain with warm water. Gently dab this onto the stain using a clean washcloth. Next, dab the area with a clean, dry washcloth to absorb the stain causing agent. Continue repeating these two steps until the stain is lifted. Once you're satisfied, let it dry thoroughly.

How to Safely Remove Chewing Gum From Carpets

Chewing gum is another Halloween treat that most children are fond of that can mean trouble for your carpet. Somehow, chewing gum always makes its way into the most unfortunate of spaces, like your carpet and upholstery. If you come across a wad of gum in your carpet, don't jump to extremes and cut your carpet fibers. Instead, go online and by a small bottle of a product called OOPS! This is the best product you can use on your own to remove gum. Follow the instructions for whatever treatment you choose to use until the stain is gone. excess liquid with a clean, dry washcloth and allow the spot to dry thoroughly.  Your safest alternative is to call your local Cleanpro carpet cleaner.  We can guarantee to remove any gum stains or your money back!If it's time for your carpet's next professional carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, contact Fairbanks Cleanpro at (907) 388- 7768. Don't forget to ask about their Ion Exchange Process and what it means for your carpet.

Remove Every Last Speck of Glitter

Glitter is a fun art and craft supply, but when it spills it tends to lose some of its charm. If your child accidentally knocks over a pot of glitter or if their Halloween costume sheds glitter all over your home, grab the vacuum. Going over the glitter spills with your vacuum is a great method that will help remove the excess but may not remove it all. If you notice there are specks of glitter leftover after vacuuming a few times, your child may have the best tool to get rid of what's left. Head over to your child's toy collection and look for some play dough. The consistency and texture of play dough is perfect for picking up tiny specks of anything that are in a hard to reach places. Simply grab the play dough and gently roll it over the areas where the leftover glitter is located. Be careful not to squish it in too hard or to leave fragments of play dough in the carpet.

How to Get Candle Wax Out of Your Carpet

If you're a fan of scented seasonal candles, chances are you've accidentally gotten wax onto your carpet or upholstery at some point. This doesn't have to be the end of your stain-free carpets. Wax is quite easy to remove with minimal effort. Allow the wax to dry before getting to work on it since mushy wax can spread and make the stain bigger. Once it's completely dry, use a dull knife to scrape up as much of the excess as possible. Next, grab your iron and a clean, dry washcloth. Place the washcloth over the stain and run your iron over a few times. It is very important that your iron is on a low setting and not the steam setting. As the wax melts it will be easily absorbed by the washcloth and your carpet will be stain-free once again.

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