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Every mind is a different world, so is the case when we are talking about carpets. We know the possibilities in the carpet world are endless; so many types, colors, and materials to choose from. Some may promise to be easier to clean, some may look and feel more luxurious, some may be stain resistant…what do they all have in common? They all need carpet cleaning! Since they are not the same, neither are their care and cleaning process. Fairbanks Cleanpro compiled this short list of descriptions to help you decide which is the ideal carpet for your needs.

Carpet Pile

The loops from which carpets are made from are called the carpet pile. There are two common types of carpet piles; the cut pile or the loop pile.

Cut Piles Include:

  • Plush: Plush carpets are short, densely packed fibers that look super lavish. It wears down easily.
  • Textured: Textured carpets don’t show footprints, it is suitable for mid to high traffic areas. Often used in hotels.
  • Saxony: This carpet is amazing to look at with its fuzzy surface, but it crushes easily.
  • Frieze: Highly durable, it's great at hiding stains and dirt, it is perfect for commercial settings and high traffic.

Loop Piles Include:

  • Berber: Made from short loops, the colors in its fibers make it good for hiding dirt. Usually used in highly trafficked areas.
  • Cut and Loop: This one is a mix of cut and loop pile fibers. Ideal for high traffic and great for hiding stains.
  • Patterned Multi-Level Loop: This type of carpet has different sized loops to give it a special pattern or texture.
No matter which type of carpet you choose for your home, they all need a good professional carpet cleaning in Fairbanks once in a while. Don’t hesitate to call Fairbanks Cleanpro at 99799928 to know more about our ion technology and our services.

What About Quality?

The quality of your carpet is determined by an array of factors like the weight, the fiber type and construction, and the density.


In bedsheets, the higher the thread count the better. In carpets, it's the same: the more fibers it has, the heavier it is, and the better the quality.

Fiber Type

How it looks, feels, lasts, and costs is mainly determined by the type of fiber it is made from: nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, wool, or blends.
  • Nylon: Nylon is the most used fiber because it is very durable, and resistant to wear and tear. It comes in many colors, and it’s not a stain repelling fiber (although there are products to help protect against stains you could use). If left under direct sunlight for a long time, its color will fade.
  • Olefin: this type is often used outdoors because it’s resistant to mold and mildew. As you can guess, it’s not the best carpet to be barefoot on. Though it’s not as resilient as nylon, its color won’t fade as much.
  • Polyester: Polyester fiber is the most cost effective fiber option and comes in a big variety of colors. It shouldn’t be used in highly trafficked areas. They are mostly eco-friendly because many times they are made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Acrylic: It feels and looks like a wool carpet, except for the price…it’s cheaper. Acrylic is resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Wool: Wool is by far the most expensive carpet fiber, it being a natural fiber. it is durable and stain resistant, but under direct sunlight, it will fade.
  • Blends: As the name says so, blends are mixed fibers usually used to improve the feel and look of the carpet.


Density shows how many fibers are used and how close they are together. You can test the density by running your fingers through the fabric; the denser it is, the harder it will be to feel the backing. The denser the carpet, the better the quality.

Fiber Construction

A carpet’s durability is measured mainly by its fiber construction.
  • Bulked Continuous Filament
  • Staple
  •  Heat Setting
  •  Tufting
  •  Twist
Now you know a little about what options you have for your carpets at home or workplace. Head to your most trusted carpet seller to see them live and choose which one is the one for you. Once you have your new carpet installed, remember to care for it by vacuuming it often and avoid letting stains set.

For a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Fairbanks

Remember every carpet needs special care once in a while, and the best carpet cleaners in Fairbanks can give you that. Call Fairbanks Cleanpro at 99799928 to know about our ion cleaning technology. Make that great carpet investment look new and clean with professional carpet cleaning in Fairbanks.

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