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We've most certainly taken the wonderful and beautiful world of carpeting for granted by not acquainting ourselves with the rich and varied history of carpeting. Now, it might not be the most interesting topic to bring up at a dinner party, but did you know that carpeting dates back to the time period where nomadic tribes wandered the earth during the Neolithic Age (7000 BC)? 

 Without documented evidence, it is hard to pinpoint how carpets came into existence, however, according to experts, there are two main existing theories. 

 The first theory is that carpets served the purpose of protecting the nomadic populations from cold climates. Their carpets were thickly knotted which kept the floors warm. The carpets also made it so they didn't have to give up their precious animal hides. The carpets were also woven using a vertical loom that could be taken apart and then transported easily. 

 The second theory is that carpets were made by artisans for both artistic and utilitarian purposes. Being an important part of peoples' homes, carpets played a vital part in festive and traditional ceremonies which paved the way for them to becoming an important part of peoples' lives. 

 The oldest carpet specimen dates back to the 5th century B.C. It is known as the Pazyryk Carpet and was found in the tomb of the Shiite chief in the Pazyryk Valley in the Altai Mountains, Siberia.  This is a very important piece of carpeting history because it proves that carpets were woven as articles that were used to decorate the dwellings of individuals, making them more inviting. 

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 As time progressed, gradual improvements in production and design have allowed more creative and elaborate patterns to be produced in woven carpets. It is known that wealthy families frequently decorated their homes with intricately woven and wonderful rugs of historical significance as early as 8th century B.C. 

The best and most magnificent carpet ever created was created under the Persian king Shah Tahmasp, in the late 16th century. It is 17 by 34 feet and has roughly 26 million tightly woven knots. It is known as the Ardabil carpet. Then all of a sudden, rug making really took off in the 16th century, spreading from Persia to India, through the Caucasus and as far west as Morocco. The art of rug production soon spread to China in the 17th century. 

 Although weaving soon became common throughout much of the world, each ethnic group produced varying designs for different purposes. For example, in the Middle East, rugs and carpets were made for individual usage and people generally made their own carpets. The carpet industry in the Middle East was largely a cottage industry and carpets were generally not sold for commercial gain unless the individual had spare time, at which point they would make carpets to sell and trade for goods and services. In fact, carpets were regularly used as a payment of dowries, to buy livestock, or to pay taxes. In India, carpets were not produced for individuals and were almost exclusively made for the Mogul rulers at the time. In China, rugs were exclusively made for the wealthy. And to think that almost all homes now have carpets, that wasn't always the case. Imagine if you had to be wealthy to afford a carpet? Oh, how times have changed. 

 The first carpet factory was built in Wilton, England in 1655. With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, carpet manufacturing switched from a cottage industry to a commercial one. More methods of carpet weaving soon developed and created not only an increase in demand but an increase in streamlined production as well. This allowed synthetic materials to take the stage as well as dyeing methods that were designed to meet the increasing demand for more and more different materials and patterns and colours which has lead to the variety of carpets we have today. 

 With such a wide variety of carpets to choose from, you now have the ability to choose a carpet which can meet your stringent requirements and standards. Before you had to basically accept whatever was available at the time and it didn't come with any kind of warranty or guarantee.

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